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Let your voice be heard in Turku.

Municipal elections are on Sunday 9.4.2017. Advance voting is from 29.3. till 4.4. If you vote in advance, you can vote at any general advance voting station in Finland or abroad.

When you go to vote, you must have some identification with you.

It is really important that your voice is heard in your home town. In these elections the Turku municipal council members will be chosen, whose task is to represent all the residents of Turku. The municipal council decides, for example, on the provision of day care and early childhood education and schools in Turku.

The municipal council decides how many schools are in Turku, class sizes in schools and whether schools provide, for example, extracurricular activities after school. The municipal council decides on the kind of libraries we have, where new homes are constructed and how to create more jobs in Turku.

The elected decision-makers can influence our continuing access to the nearby natural environment, for recreational use.

At the moment, the municipality also decides on the organization of health services.

The municipal council should represent a diversity of Turku residents. You are eligible to vote in the Turku municipal elections if:

- You are a citizen of Finland or another EU country, Iceland or Norway, OR your official municipality of residence has been in Finland for a continuous period of at least two years prior to 17.02.2017.

- You have turned 18 years on or before election day (09.04.2017).

- Your municipality of residence has been Turku on or before 17.02.2017.

You may only vote for candidates in your own municipality of residence.

In fact, I am running as Turku candidate number 185 for the Greens. I am a Turku-based journalist and mother of two. I have extensive experience not only in journalism, but also in government and politics.

In municipal politics, I have previously served as a Councilor and a member of the Boards in my previous hometown.

 My favorite places in Turku are in addition to my own home, the main library, nature trails and the riverside.

Especially close to my heart is to support children and families, the environment, flexible working life and to secure high-quality cultural services.

Green candidates in Turku: 120-219.

- Your vote matters. All votes are counted!

From this link you will find information on the municipal elections in different languages. The site has info about the election in: Estonian, Russian, Thai, Somali, Arabic and Albanian languages.

The decision is yours.

XOXO Laura Rantanen, 185, The Greens, Turku

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